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Apple's gains under the corona crisis

    Apple's gains under the corona crisis

    • 2020-08-30 23:39:43
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    Apple's gains under the corona crisis

    Apple giant achieved this achievement during the monthly trading, where the company's shares rose to more than $467.02, the highest figure in the company's history.

    Apple is a U.S. technology company that managed to make $1 trillion in March 2018, followed by Amazon, Microsoft and Google, all of which exceeded $1 trillion in market price. This is due to Apple's 40 years of leadership in the field of information technology.  

    Apple's impressive name performance raised CEO Tim Cook's fortune to $1 billion for the first time in its history, consistent with the billionaire Bloomberg Index.
    In fact, most IT companies doubled their gains during the corona crisis in order to increase demand for digital products and digital shopping, Apple outperformed its competitors in the fields of hardware through strong sales of tablets, watches and others, also as new applications and services, which gained a strong position during the health crisis that hit the world this year.

    In mid-June, Apple reported an 8 percent rise in profits to $11.2 billion, and revenue rose 11 percent to $59.7 billion, a significant increase in the company's revenue.

    Apple's rise comes amid a boom in the shares of listed technology companies, as people move to rely on digital products, amid the Coved-19 epidemic and commitment to social spacing.
    The Nasdaq, which includes most technology companies, has risen 30 times in 2020.