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Bitcoin is easy to obtain or difficult and complicated?

    Bitcoin is easy to obtain or difficult and complicated?

    • 2020-09-05 19:23:29
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    Bitcoin is easy to obtain or difficult and complicated?

    Since Bitcoin is an electronic currency used in many different means of payment and has spread very widely in recent days as you rarely find one of the sites that use payment methods that do not accept Bitcoin and it uses peer-to-peer technology (P2P)

    Bitcoin is an electronic currency that has spread widely nowadays and it has become a dream for many people to get it from them who enters many special trading sites and earns small parts of it (change) the smallest satoshi and worth 1 part of the 100 million for Bitcoin (100 million satoshi = 1 bitcoin)

    This is a difficult number for any trading program user to get a single bitcoin 

    Open source operates without central powers controlling it. 

    Anyone can own it and deal with it. One of its advantages is that it is easy to pay using a mobile phone or PC, and achievemore security and control of money, can be used anywhere and anytime, and the transfer fees are very low compared to other means of payment.

    In this topic we'll address some of the points of Bitcoin

    Let's start by establishing the currency first, the founder of a person who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto the first time when he introduced the currency in 2008 and described it as an electronic system based on the principle of peer-to-peer and was put up for circulation in 2009.

    Cryptocurrency and rely on encryption in all its aspects which made it the first currency of its kind and the most famous and widespread but not the only current is dependent on encryption there are approximately 6 other digital currencies using encryption such as Bitcoin.

    Decentralized currency in the sense that it is dealt with from person to person directly and does not need to go to a party to make the transfer as in the normal banking transactions that we do, bitcoin requires the number of the person's wallet transferred to him and is stored with a special serial number in the Block chain and does not require any data such as the name of the person or country of residence or any other data except his wallet number and is made immediately and without paying for transfer fees for any transfer or intermediary Other (excluding network fees paid to miners).
    The secrecy of the Bitcoin process
    It is characterized by a very high confidentiality configuration, in the beginning this is considered true because each k will need is the wallet number of the person transferred to him but you must look at that each operation is recorded on the system you can know some data about the identity of the person sent to him such as the number of currencies he converted and how many currencies he has and the addresses he has sent, if someone claims that he owns a certain set of currencies you can know what addresses were sent To him Bitcoin, and this is not a defect as he knows you the credibility of the party you are dealing with, especially after the appearance of some suspicious accounts that are scamming in this subject and deceiving users by convincing them to buy Bitcoin, by tracking the record of operations of the person can be identified and identified by doing reverse operations until the suspicious account holder is reached.

    And in the end. 

    It is important if you have enough time and more patience start in a program of mining programs on Bitcoin, in the beginning it will be very difficult and boring since you will earn balsatoshi which is worth a fraction of a hundred million parts per bitcoin, but you have to continue for long months can reach a year in order to increase your balance and reach one unit of Bitcoin, and do not believe what you see in the advertisements and say you for example you won a million dollars in two months all this is considered nonsense. And try to push you to download his application in order to increase the number of downloads for his program on the Google Play Store and earn more ads while you do not know and busy how to earn a million dollars in two months like what You saw in the ad before, I advise you readers well for many topics related to this field if you are interested in it before you start wasting your time and effort or any of your money. (Just advice)