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Daily activities that cause poor concentration

    Daily activities that cause poor concentration

    • 2020-12-13 04:05:05
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    Daily activities that cause poor concentration

    Concentration is a basic skill that we need daily in our life to do any task, whether at school, work or at home, and when concentration is at its lowest levels, the individual's ability to perform daily tasks is very difficult and among the reasons for poor concentration:

    Multitasking leads to poor focus, it is known that multitasking is the individual carrying out a number of tasks at the same time, which weakens the concentration rate as switching from work on one task to another distracts attention and focus and makes the individual tired, for example, you cannot cook and in At the same time you clean the house and at the same time watch the TV and at the same time occupy the mobile phone, the four tasks will be done by one of them at the expense of the other and moving between them will consume more time and exhaust the body, it is better to do the first and necessary tasks, then the next in the necessary and so on until all is accomplished He worked out of them elaborately, without fatigue and distraction.

    Boredom, which is the unwillingness to do any work that is not likable to the soul, as there are some desirable actions that a person has and may be unwanted and lead to a feeling of boredom, and this matter can be overcome by engaging in any enjoyable work after boring work to encourage the soul to accomplish it in order to be devoted To the other favorite job of the individual.

    Disturbing thoughts cause poor focus and distraction, and some of them cause anxiety lead to the mind being preoccupied with thinking about them, and these disturbing thoughts must be eliminated in any way and be preoccupied with any positive thought or engage in self-talk about anything positive and desirable in order not to let the opportunity for negative and disturbing thoughts dominate. On the mind.

    Stress, which is one of the common things that happen to many people, and results from severe stress that a person is exposed to at work or due to the problems of daily life, and its symptoms include poor mood, a feeling of fatigue, the inability to calm and relax, and a tendency to loneliness and isolation.

    This affects mental abilities and weakens focus completely and can be overcome through time management, and practicing yoga exercises or any sport can relieve nervous and psychological tension, and also a certain time must be allocated to practice favorite activities that will reduce stress and get out of it to Mood-changing activity, as well as getting adequate sleep for 7 hours a day at night.

    Hunger, it is known that food is the fuel that provides the body with the necessary energy in order to be able to carry out its daily tasks, especially the most important thing is breakfast and when it is good, it positively affects a person’s ability at the beginning of his day with activity and focus on the opposite of those who eat an inappropriate breakfast or who neglects this The meal, as well as taking care of the rest of the meals and being careful to eat meals that contain important nutrients so that the person maintains his level of concentration and activity throughout the day.

    Depression, although it is an easy psychological disease to treat, but it weakens focus and makes the individual less attentive, makes him feel empty, hopeless and indifferent to what is happening around him, and is treated through some medications prescribed by the doctor or psychotherapy by engaging in conversations with people Close and other therapeutic methods.

    Medicines, there are some medicines that cause poor concentration, and the leaflets for some medicines have written inside them (not to drive or use heavy machinery when taking the medicine) as a warning against the weakness of concentration caused by the medicine, and the solution is to adjust the dosages of the medicine according to the daily activity by means of Consult a doctor, or you can search for a better alternative to medication that affects focus and attention.