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Hurricane Delta in Mexico and then heading to the United States of America

Hurricane Delta in Mexico and then heading to the United States of America

  • 2020-10-07 00:18:13
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Hurricane Delta in Mexico and then heading to the United States of America

A hurricane Delta is expected to hit the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula on Wednesday with a very strong storm and major flooding, and although no one knows exactly where and when it could hit the United States, areas from Louisiana to western Florida can witness dangerous conditions From Thursday night to Friday.

The hurricane began on Monday, when they considered it a tropical depression, but quickly evolved as Hurricane Delta rapidly intensified into a Category 4 hurricane in force on Tuesday, with winds of 145 mph in the Caribbean Sea while heading towards Mexico and then expected to head north towards The US Gulf Coast, according to the US National Hurricane Center.
Meteorologists said that the winds of Hurricane Delta, with speeds exceeding 140 miles per hour in Mexico, will lose part of its strength, but it will quickly regain its strength on American shores. The previous record goes back to 1916, when nine tropical hurricanes struck the United States in one tropical season.

Hurricane Delta is one of the oldest tropical hurricanes in the Atlantic region, and most of them were previously classified as Category III, with speeds of up to 110 miles per hour.
Everyone still remembers Hurricane Sally, which, despite its strength, was not a huge hurricane in terms of wind speed, but it caused severe flooding in Alabama and Florida.
Hurricane Laura also devastated parts of Louisiana and southeast Texas and was classified as Category 4 or Class 4, and some usually link seasonal hurricane intensity with global climate change, as scientists in this field linked the severity of seasonal hurricanes, empty, with global climate change, which makes storms stronger and fires more severe each year. They explained that the warmer air retains more moisture as a result of global warming, which makes storms rainy, which raises the sea level, and therefore storms are destructive and more damaging.
Alabama declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, and state officials said they are fully prepared and that they are not late to seek help from the federal government quickly if the situation warrants it.