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Increase in the number of suicides in Japan

    Increase in the number of suicides in Japan

    • 2020-11-12 00:41:10
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    Increase in the number of suicides in Japan

    In Japan, the number of suicides has increased recently, especially in women, and experts also said that the reason lies behind the economic crisis caused by the Corona virus and its repercussions. According to what was reported by Japan Today.

    The number of suicides in October reached 2,153, which is about 300 more than in September, and according to what Japanese police have confirmed, it is the highest number since 2015.

    The number of cases in October was 851 women, an increase of 82.6% over the month of October 2019. As for men, the number increased by 21.3%.

    As social experts said that suicides in Japan decreased last July, and then increased with the increase in the spread of the Corona virus, and suicidal women, most of whom work in non-permanent jobs such as retail trade, because of losing their work, increased their vulnerability to suicide.

    Japan is one of the countries with the highest suicide rates among the Group of Seven industrialized countries. In 2003, there were about 34,427 suicides, which led to the Japanese authorities launching a comprehensive program to prevent and eliminate suicide in 2007.