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K-pop group reacts with tears

K-pop group reacts with tears

  • 2020-09-01 06:42:40
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K-pop group reacts with tears

BTS members said they were in "tears," after he became the first K-pop movement to top the Billboard 100 singles chart with a new English dynamite.

Jimin, one of the seven members, said tears were falling from his eyes, ”adding in a tweet that he did not know what to say about what happened.

He also thanked their fans, known as the Army, saying: I lost my mind now but you did this and I cannot believe what happened.

Suga, another member of the team, talked about the simplicity of posting a series of crying emojis.

Dynamite, the first song to be sung entirely in English, reached 33.9 million US views in its first week on the global market, debuting at the top songs on the Hottest 100.
Within minutes, # BTS1onHot100 and the hashtag #BTS_Dynamite began to trend, as fans were inundated with congratulatory messages and increasingly interacting with it.

One fan said on Twitter, "No words, only tears."

Another said. I just can't express how proud I am and how far I have come, ''
Many retweeted an interview with BTS, where Suga said he hopes to hit # 1 on the billboard charts one day, and that's not a long-term dream.
Even South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that the boys have achieved "a great achievement and we are proud of that."

“After the album topped the Billboard 200 chart four times, it has now reached No. 1 on both charts,” said Mr. Moon.

"Dynamite Song was created to give a message of comfort and will bring solace to Koreans who are suffering from the national crisis caused by Covid-19, which has affected citizens with fear and injuries."

Dynamite broke records shortly after its release on August 21, with the pastel-colored video reaching 101 million views on YouTube just 24 hours after its release.That's a great feat for this team.

The group said they wanted the song to convey "positive emotions, energy, hope, love, purity, and optimism."