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Mental health and some related concepts

    Mental health and some related concepts

    • 2020-09-08 17:42:56
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    Mental health and some related concepts

    Mental health: is the level of psychological well-being, the freedom of the mind from disturbances, and the enjoyment of a good emotional and behavioral level.

    From the point of view of psychology, it includes the ability of a person to enjoy his life and achieve a balance between life activities and its requirements to achieve psychological flexibility despite the influences surrounding him.

    According to the World Health Organization, mental health is that which includes well-being, independence, self-efficacy between generations, and an individual's emotional and intellectual potential.

    The World Health Organization stated that the well-being of the individual is the ability to realize his capabilities and capabilities well and to adapt to the pressures of life in order to be able to produce and help society.

    It considers: behavioral health. It is the ideal term for mental health, behavioral health, and it is the state in which a person can realize his capabilities and capabilities, adapt to the tensions and pressures surrounding him and be able to work well, contribute to the service of his community.

    Health is a term used in the event of complete physical, mental and social integrity, and it is not correct to call a person free of diseases, as health includes complete safety of the individual in all respects.

    The importance of mental health

    Mental health affects the individual in terms of his self-esteem and his relationships, and also affects his daily work, either negatively or positively, according to his psychological state.

    When a person's mental health is not good, it affects him physically, weakens mental performance, and pushes him to wrong habits such as addiction. It also affects him in terms of his affliction with many diseases.

    When a person is in good mental health, he will enjoy good physical health and lead a happy and happy life. Good mental health is a major cause of longevity and a lack of disease, as there is ample evidence confirming that a person's emotional capabilities are related to his positive social behaviors such as physical health and stress management. Also, those who are unable to express their feelings find them more inclined to aggressive behaviors and self-destructive behaviors, especially drug abuse, acts of sabotage, and fights with others, this is a result of their poor mental health. (According to research by Richards, Campania and Muse Burke in 2010

    Integration factors for mental health:

    From McDougall's view, the measure of mental health is the integrity and harmony of the personality. The integrity of the personality comes from the emotion of self-esteem, which when it is prevalent in the person.

    Likewise, personality incompleteness is due to the fact that some desires and motives are the effective influence on the personality, which makes it far from the emotion of self-consideration.

    Freud believes that mental health is the result of the integration of three aspects of the psyche, namely:

    The tendencies represented in instinctive desires (the id) represent the biological aspect, meaning that he is responsible for all desires and instincts without regard for society's values ​​or any ethical rules.
    EGO, which is the most moderate personality that accepts behaviors according to the rules of society, is the organizer of the desires of the Id and fulfills them within the framework of societal rules, as it is considered the mediator between (the Id) and the external community and fulfills his desires within the framework of what the reality imposes
    The ego is Super EGO, which is represented in the conscience, which is contradictory to humor in all his actions and is represented in adherence to social and religious rules and ideals, and he controls actions and behaviors wisely and rationally
    To clarify, it can be said that the id is the devil, evil and the animal who seeks to possess all that he desires in order to survive without regard for anything and seeks to be free without deterrence, so that he restricts his ego and fulfills his desires, but in a civilized and socially acceptable form. As for the super Ego, it is that feeling represented by the conscience that makes the soul adhere to values ​​and morals, and it is the ideal part of the personality and unrealistic as it makes the ego achieve what the idiot wants by using defensive tricks.

    Psychological happiness:

    It is a positive feature represented in emotional happiness and the ability of the soul to live a life full of creativity and flexibility in dealing with difficulties and surrounding circumstances, and it is considered one of the best positive features that affect an individual's life.

    It includes concepts based on educational, religious and humanitarian ideas in addition to theoretical ideas from personality psychology and social psychology.

    A normal mental life:

    Mental wellness is unstable because it is related to communication theories, it is the ability to live in a creative manner and achieve flexibility in dealing with the challenges that he faces as these challenges are inevitable in life, so a person who has good mental and psychological health is able to deal with these difficulties and face them with logical and rational solutions without Strain,

    Myers also laid out the five elements of life's tasks (essence or spirituality, work, leisure, friendship and love, and self-direction)

    As for the twelve sub-tasks (feeling worthy, feeling in control, beliefs, emotional awareness and conditioning, coping, solutions and creativity, humor, nutrition, exercise, self-care, stress management, gender identity, and cultural identity) and those tasks are a major component of wellness.

    The moderation of these ingredients promotes healthy work with positivity and flexibility.

    Emotional improvement

    The fact that a person is healthy and in good health from a mental point of view and emotional balance does not make him immune to the difficulties and challenges of life that are difficult to control or control. A person is always in many emotions with the pressures and problems he faces. It is the person who has good mental and mental health who can deal with these circumstances. With a positive outlook and creative solutions, he is also more focused than jealous and creative at all his time.

    The fact that a person is healthy and in good health from a mental point of view and emotional balance does not make him immune to the difficulties and challenges of life that are difficult to control or control. A person is always in many emotions with the pressures and problems he faces. It is the person who has good mental and mental health who can deal with these circumstances. With a positive outlook and creative solutions, he is also more focused than jealous and creative at all his time.
    In order to improve mental and psychological health, you must focus on avoiding risk factors from the ground up, with the aim of enhancing individual capabilities in order to achieve positive feeling, self-respect and acceptance, well-being and social integration. Social integration and the formation of positive relationships have a great role in promoting mental and psychological health, as a person is a human being. It affects what is around him and affects him as well. If he becomes accustomed to positive posts as his mental and psychological health develops and vice versa if his relationships are negative, he is affected by them and affect his psychological health, try to make your relationships and your posts positive as possible and look for activities that calm the body and nerves, and take care of caring activities In order to give yourself the opportunity to improve your psychological and mental health.

    Methods of treatment

    Activity therapy:

    This is called movement therapy through entertainment, and it is done through direct and active intervention, and walking is considered a kind of therapy with entertainment, and there are so-called expressive therapy through practicing or learning the arts, such as music, arts, dance, theater and poetry
    Alternative treatments:

    It is a branch of alternative medicine and includes a large number of treatments borrowed from other cultures, and alternative treatment includes traditional medicine, Ayurvedic therapy, self-treatment, hypnosis and other means, such as insight to increase awareness of mental functions because of its good effect on psychological and mental health, as it depends On three basic exercises are (clairvoyance focus, clairvoyance alertness, and empathy with others) which in turn enhances the person's ability to recognize the pattern of his feelings and the feelings of others, which gives him the vision to solve problems and confront them in his relationships with others.


    It is the process in which the control of physical processes and brain waves that can be used to reduce the rate of anxiety and increase happiness and relaxation in order to control the body by the mind.

    Group therapy:

    It includes treatment that takes place in a multi-person setting and includes psychodynamic therapy, expressive therapy groups, problem-solving support groups, and psychological education.

    Care Counseling:

    It includes treatment
    It is the combination of psychological and religious therapies performed by religious guides or others who have been trained in such a combination of these two healing methods.

    •     Psychotherapy :

    It is a general term for scientific treatment based on mental health problems depending on modern medicine, and includes a number of schools such as holistic therapy, psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and behavioral therapy
     Mental health and children:
    It aims to achieve the integrated growth of the child's personality in terms of physical, mental and social development and development of his cognitive and behavioral abilities through interest in satisfying levels of physiological, psychological and mental development,
    The child's psychological needs are summarized in:

    • Accepting the child and making him feel that he is important and acceptable among members of his family, which gives him more self-confidence, creativity and mental development.

    • Belief in his abilities, which is an important and distinguishing point in the child's development because believing in his abilities and praising them makes him motivated for more capabilities, develops his mental skills and is able to solve problems later.

    • Attention to him: The interest here is not only from the point of view of clothing and food, but also from the psychological point of view, so that we take care of his speech if he speaks and discuss with him what he says, and respond to his questions and not ignore him, which makes him a positive person in the future.

    *Pardoning him when he made a mistake: Pardon here is not absolute, but it must be taught the difference between right and wrong. If he makes a mistake, he is instructed and guided by what is owed and what is not necessary. And if there is a punishment, it should be a punishment as much as the mistake if he repeated the mistake. The child develops bad habits such as lying, introversion, fear of making correct decisions and the inability to distinguish between options and alternatives.

    • Understanding his mind and ideas: The process of understanding the child's mind and way of thinking is very important in the upbringing of the child socially and psychologically in a good and sound manner.