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(MINK) animal may harm corona vaccine production

    (MINK) animal may harm corona vaccine production

    • 2020-11-12 00:39:25
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    (MINK) animal may harm corona vaccine production

    At a time when the world began to feel hope and joy about producing a vaccine against the Corona virus, but the mink may spoil this joy and raise the concern of scientists in this regard.

    The Danish government recently carried out a mass execution of these animals because the virus (Covid-19) has mutated within it into a new type and infected about 200 people with mutated strains since last June,

    And in the Gotland region in northern Denmark, 12 cases of infection were recorded, which doctors described as a unique type of Corona virus.

    At the University of Southern Denmark, Professor Hans Kolmos and a professor of microbiology said that they are concerned about the transmission of the virus with its mutated strains to humans through infection, as the situation has become very volatile, and it is possible that the virus will be transmitted from one animal to another, which increases the matter.

    Professor Hans said that half of the infections in Gotland are due to the infection of mink, which is bred for the value of the fur that covers its body.

    This does not mean that everyone was infected by this animal, the problem has become that the mutated strains that are found in this animal from the Corona virus are transmitted to humans, and then the infection is transmitted between humans to each other.

    He went on to say: "This is the source of concern, and the government has decided, from a precautionary principle, to eliminate all mink flocks simply, because we cannot control the transmission of infection and we cannot ensure that this will not happen in the future either."

    Professor Colmus confirmed: "There are only 12 examples of people carrying this mutated strain, but we cannot be sure that we have seen all of the cases, and we cannot be sure that something more exciting will not appear in the future."

    The World Health Organization stated that the mink was infected with the virus through infection from humans, then the virus mutated inside it and transmitted to other humans and other animals in contact with it, as these animals could be a reservoir for disease.