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One apple a day has many benefits

    One apple a day has many benefits

    • 2020-12-23 16:45:30
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    One apple a day has many benefits

    And according to Standard Media, apples lead to a lower risk of diabetes when consumed regularly.
    Apples contain nutrients that enhance the activity of friendly bacteria inside the intestine, and they also contain compounds that help treat asthma and prevent cancer.

    And it contains fibers that increase the feeling of satiety, which makes it an ideal food for those who want to be fit and weight ideal.

    It can also be eaten in any way, whether it is cooked, stewed, dried, or juice, all of which are equally beneficial.
    The dried slices of it are very beneficial for children and are a useful and healthy alternative for them, and the apple pie that is prepared in some restaurants and cafes is one of the most popular desserts as it is low in calories.

    Apples have more than 100 varieties grown all over the world, 8 of which are in Kenya, and all types of apples are beneficial to health, provided they are eaten regularly.