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    • 2020-09-18 13:57:17
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    Recruitment is the administrative process through which the organization is provided with the right people. Human resources in any organization are among the most important resources that the organization possesses.

    The eight recruitment tasks can be summarized as follows:


    (human resources planning) and its purpose is to ensure that the organization’s needs of employees are covered. This is done by analyzing the organization’s plans to determine the skills required to be available in the employees. This process includes three steps:
    1- Predicting the organization’s staffing needs.
    2- Comparing the needs of the organization with the employees nominated to meet these needs.
    3- Developing clear plans showing the number of people who will be appointed from outside the organization and they are among the people who will be trained from within the organization in order to meet these needs.

    (Providing employees) In this process, the administration must attract candidates to meet the needs of vacant jobs and the administration uses certain means to attract these candidates, such as job specifications and requirements, which are announced either in newspapers or various media, or via the Internet, as is currently common.

     after the process of providing employees, the candidates who applied to occupy the advertised jobs are evaluated, and the best and the one to which they apply is chosen
    Required terms and specifications.


    (definition of the organization) Once the employee is chosen, he must be integrated into the organization, and that process includes introducing work groups and informing him of the workflow system and the organization's policies.


    (Training and Development) Through the system’s training of employees, it works to increase the ability of employees to participate in improving the efficiency of the organization’s work.

    (performance evaluation) This system is designed to ensure that the actual performance of the work meets the specified standards or not.

    (employment decisions), which are decisions related to bonuses, transfers, and promotions, and these decisions are taken based on an evaluation of the results.

    (Termination of service) The process of termination of service is by voluntary resignation, retirement, temporary suspension or final dismissal from work.