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Storm Iota approached Central America

    Storm Iota approached Central America

    • 2020-11-16 01:01:39
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    Storm Iota approached Central America

    The authorities in Central America suggest that the storm Iota will hit coastal areas in Nicaragua and Honduras on Monday, as it turns into a severe hurricane, and this comes after Hurricane Eta in the past two weeks.

    The storm Iota is expected to hit the Colombian island of Providencia with the force of a tropical storm, and will approach the coasts of Nicaragua and northeast Honduras and turn into a hurricane on Monday, according to the American Hurricane Center.
    The American Hurricane Center also warned that the storm Iota will cause very heavy rains in Honduras, northern Nicaragua, eastern Guatemala and southern Belize, and that it will lead to sudden floods that may threaten the lives of some, leaving landslides.

    The authorities in Honduras carried out evacuation operations with the help of the army and police in the San Pedro Sula region.

    And that Hurricane ETA has caused 40,000 people to seek refuge in shelters, and the authorities are preparing to deal with the coming storm, and have indicated that about 80,000 families will be threatened by floods and landslides, and the disaster management agency in Guatemala has called on residents in the north and northeast of the country to leave their homes.

    Scientists say rising sea temperatures due to climate change are making hurricanes stronger after they make landfall.

    This year's hurricane season saw a record 30 tropical storms hit the Caribbean, Central America, and the southeastern United States