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The strongest hurricane hits the Philippines this year

    The strongest hurricane hits the Philippines this year

    • 2020-11-02 23:52:49
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    The strongest hurricane hits the Philippines this year

    Typhoon Goni, which is the strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines, destroying tens of thousands of homes and killing about 20 people.

    Communications and electricity were cut off in the affected areas due to strong winds, which reached 225 kilometers per hour, and heavy rains, which uprooted the roofs of some homes and led to landslides and caused severe damage to the power lines.

    The storm began to lose its strength when it reached the city of Manila before heading to the South China Sea.

    Catanduanes Island and Albay Province on Lawson Island are among the most affected areas.

    The President of the Red Cross said in a statement: (We are horrified by the damage that has been done to many areas, especially Catanduanes Island and the Albay Province. In some areas, nearly 90% of the homes are seriously damaged or destroyed. The physical and economic aspect resulting from the Covid-19 epidemic, which has caused many residents to lose their jobs and relocate their places of residence.

    This cyclone caused the displacement of many residents from their homes before the arrival of the typhoon, and most of them are still in shelter centers. The authorities are working to restore electricity and communications in the affected areas.

    Cyclone Goni was classified within the category of strong hurricanes as it touched land on the island of Catanouanis. According to civil defense reports, 20,000 homes were destroyed, 55,000 others were partially damaged, and much damage was caused to agricultural areas.

    Every year, the Philippines witnesses about 20 tropical storms and hurricanes, destroying fragile homes and infrastructure, and destroying agricultural areas, making the majority of the population of some areas in a state of permanent poverty. Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 was the worst typhoon in recent history, which killed more than 7,300 people, especially in the city of Tacloban, which was submerged by high waves.