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The world is in dire need of a Corona vaccine.

    The world is in dire need of a Corona vaccine.

    • 2020-08-30 09:36:43
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    The world is in dire need of a Corona vaccine.

    The coronavirus has caused severe pneumonia, which is actively spreading to all countries of the world, particularly the United States of America, infecting more than 20.55 million people to date and claiming more than 748,000 lives.
    Who experts, in line with a report on vaccine and serum processing, confirm that with the Coved-19 pandemic, more vaccines are needed than ever before.

    Health experts from the National Public Health Organization, Andreas Segros Hospital and The University of Capudistrian in Greece say flu injections are aimed at reducing the risk of flu, which is difficult, especially during autumn or winter when the flu season begins to spread and there is no distinction between regular flu and krona.

    The bad flu season is coming with a large number of hospitals, along with the continuing COVID-19 epidemic, can burden hospitals across the country and other countries, and if cases intensify this year, it can mean more hospitalization and even deaths and lead to frequent in global health.

    Influenza and COVID-19
    In late 2019, a flu-like, pneumonia and respiratory disease was reported in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, and now, 8 months later, in the absence of an effective vaccine or medicine for the disease, has spread throughout the world and this is worrying.

    The country with the highest infection rates is Brazil, with more than 3.16 million infections, India, which recorded more than 2.32 million cases, and Russia more than 900,000.

    The demand for health-care systems this year is expected to significantly exceed medical assistance requirements during influenza seasons alone, linked to factors such as the transmission of CoV-2 from one person to another more prevalent than influenza, a large proportion of the population remains at risk, and the death rate of 19 people is much higher.

    COVID-19 deaths are 9.5-44.1 times larger than those recorded during the week flu deaths increased during the past seven flu seasons within the United States, with an average of 20.5 times the number of individuals.

    Compulsory vaccination
    Public health officials around the world are trying to expand influenza vaccine absorption rates, specialists in vulnerable groups and health-care professionals, and influenza vaccines should be mandatory in these groups because the upcoming winter season could be catastrophic if the amount of influenza cases rise along with COVID-19.

    Similar symptoms can appear on influenza and COVID-19, and there is a chance of a standard infection, where severe cases can cause complications and even fatal consequences and the susceptibility of the Crona virus to form in more than one form.

    The virus also targets the elderly, people with basic medical conditions, people with obesity, and people living in long-term care facilities.