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U.S. and China in New Technological Clash

    U.S. and China in New Technological Clash

    • 2020-08-30 22:48:20
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    U.S. and China in New Technological Clash

    The negotiations were expected to take place on August 15, but President Trump postponed them.
    In a campaign speech earlier this month, President Trump said, "I don't want to talk to China right now.
    In recent days, President Trump has increased pressure on Chinese technology companies with executive orders to ban the short video sharing app TikTok and social media platform WeChat and start competing in these services from U.S. companies and facebook bosses.
    This week, the owner of Tak Talk Beatdance launched a legal challenge against the president's decision, arguing that the move was motivated by politics, not national security, and an open war in the economy.
    But now, the United States and China have held talks on the U.S.-China trade agreement after postponing discussions earlier this month. The US trade representative said the two sides have made progress and are committed to the agreement.
    The statement of the US trade representative also said the two sides discussed intellectual property rights and other issues that proved that there were thorny points and difficulties in negotiations on the second phase agreement. Which could lead to the failure of these agreements.
    The two sides discussed the steps China has taken to implement the structural changes advocated by the agreement that would ensure greater protection of intellectual property rights lacking in Chinese applications, remove obstacles to U.S. companies in the fields of financial services and agriculture, and eliminate forced technology transfer and user privacy.
    No official reason for the postponement was given, although it was said that it was appropriate to give Beijing more time to move up to its side of the deal and more purchases of US grain and other goods.
    So, as President Trump heads to a week of the Republican National Convention, reaching an agreement with China on long-term issues makes it accessible to good headlines, allowing him to say that Trump is capable of removing China from all competitions, whether technology or agriculture.

    The pressure on Chinese companies from President Trump also came at a time when President Trump wants to show that he is tough on China and imposehis personality and dosing on the global economy -- in contrast to Biden, as he and his supporters have contacted Joe Biden, who says that if elected he will be more flexible on China than President Trump.
    Beijing sees all this political theater, in which the central figure has become, explicitly controlling the economy and internal agreements of Chinese companies.

    In a short statement from the Chinese regime, all was said that the two sides agreed to create conditions and atmosphere to further advance towards the implementation of the trade agreement.
    The remarks came after U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke to Chinese Vice Premier Liu.