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What is the AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid-19?

    What is the AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid-19?

    • 2020-11-26 01:58:21
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    What is the AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid-19?

    It is a vaccine that AtraZeneca is developing jointly with the University of Oxford, about which it said in its statement that it is 70% effective for preventing disease.

    Thus, it is less than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which have an effectiveness of 95%, and less than the Russian vaccine, Sputnik 5, which has an effectiveness of 92%.
    The company said that the vaccine has been tested on a large scale in Britain and Brazil on 20,000 people, of whom 131 have contracted Covid-19.

    It will be distinguished from others because it uses traditional technology in more than competing vaccines, as it is easy to store and does not require low temperatures, such as the Pfizer vaccine, which requires preservation at 70 degrees below zero, which makes it less expensive and easy to store.

    The statement quoted Astraseneca General Manager Pascal Sorio as saying that thanks to a "simple supply chain," the vaccine "will be available and available in all parts of the world," according to AFP.

    The group says it is advancing rapidly in manufacturing the three billion doses that will be available in 2021.

    British Health Minister Matt Hancock told Sky News that he was "very happy" with this "encouraging" news.

    He added, "It is important that the independent regulatory authority (in Britain), the regulatory agency for medicines and health care products, study the data and verify that (the vaccine) is effective and safe," noting that "this vaccine that was developed in Britain is easier to store than the Fayez vaccine because it does not need To be kept at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius. "
    The price of the AstraZeneca vaccine is expected to be cheaper than the prices of the two competing vaccines, as the price of the Pfizer vaccine is estimated at about $ 40, while the price of the Moderna vaccine is estimated at about $ 27.